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Travel to Ireland and experience the history, charming towns and villages, ancient castles and the warm friendly people. The Travel Store of the Fox Valley can set up your entire Irish travel itinerary, taking care of all the details, ensuring a wonderful vacation in the Emerald Isle.

Vacation Packages:

  • Adare Manor Castle Package
  • Dromoland Castle Package
  • Ashford Castle Package
  • Glimpse of Ireland
  • At Home with the Irish
  • Irish Jaunt
  • The Scots and the Irish
  • Emerald Package
  • Ireland Southern Route Package
  • Ireland Northern Route Package
  • Limerick City Break
  • Dublin City Break
  • Killarney City Break
  • Belfast City Break
  • Cork City Break
  • Galway City Break
  • Waterford City Break
  • Donegal City Break
  • Wicklow City Break
  • Kilkenny City Break
  • Legends Southwest Golf Package
  • Legends Northwest Golf Package
  • Legends East Golf Package
  • Lost Balls & Links
  • Greens & Gimmies
  • The Best of Ireland & Ashford Castle
  • Treasures of Ireland South
  • Irish Pubs & Folklore
  • Country Roads of Ireland
  • All of Ireland

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What kind of currency is used in Ireland?
The Euro is the currency of The Republic of Ireland, while the Pound Sterling is used in Northern Ireland. ATMs are widely available today in cities in Ireland, though less available in the countryside. You will be able to use all Irish ATMs if you have a Plus/Visa or Cirrus/Mastercard. Most American credit cards are accepted in hotels, restaurants, gas stations, etc.

What’s the Irish climate like?
Quite simply, it rains a great deal. Showers, however, are often short and the temperature is generally mild. In summer, temperatures range from 60 – 70 degrees fahrenheit, while fall and spring days are usually about 65 degrees. Winter temperatures are often in the mid forties fahrenheit, and snow is rare.

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