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Cruising gives you the freedom and choice to say "why not" to countless new onboard experiences.

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10 Steps to Enjoying the Perfect Cruise

Although these steps are meant for honeymooners, most of the information is relevant to any cruise:

1. Find your dream boat. The biggest mistake cruising beginners make is booking the wrong ship. Most people focus on the destination (Caribbean, Mexico, etc.) and don't pay enough attention to the ship itself. Cruise lines -and even individual ships within a line- vary greatly in terms of atmosphere and facilities. Some have a party-all-the-time ambience and/or a great gym and spa; others are ideal for curling up on deck with a good book. So work with a travel agent who specializes in cruising. Discuss your budget and what you are looking for, or better yet, arrive at the agency with your personal wish list in hand.

2. Book early. There are two ways to get the best price on a cruise: book early or book at the very last minute. Both will save you money, but early bookers get the best choice of cabins for roughly the same "sale" price as late bookers-and avoid being disappointed because their ship is sold out. "Early" usually means three to six months before the cruise; the savings generally are 25 to 50 percent off the published brochure price per person.
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